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We hope to be the Realtors you choose when considering a transition so that we can provide you a genuinely upbeat experience right from the start.

Some homeowners contact us exasperated, as their properties have languished on the market for four months to three years, with multiple agents.

We take on this challenge, reinventing expired and withdrawn listings, and turn them into marketable properties, sold after a brief market period, one of our hallmarks. Preparing homes prior to our grand launch day is our secret to success.

We Have All the Right Ingredients

The JBN team looks forward to collaborating with homeowners to prepare, stage and sell your residence. Our team members include: stagers, contractors, cleaners, copywriters, graphic designers, marketing and social media strategists, real estate attorneys and professional Realtors.

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Let Us Begin Our Artistic Home Sale Journey Together!

Please see Judy’s Broker Network’s
six steps to a successful sale, below:

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Love Letters: From Homeowners

We needed help, patience and someone who knew what they were doing. Enter Jamie Columbus and her
A team! Our home sold ahead of opening day and for above asking price. Do not fool around in the Rochester and Finger Lakes market. Call Jamie and get it done.

Sarah Plaskey

White Briar, Pittsford

We should have hired Jamie when we first put the house on the market. Jamie knows and understands the market like no other Realtor in town. We loved working with Jamie. She listens well, compromises, yet draws a line in the sand, when necessary. Her knowledge of marketing added greatly to her strategy to sell our home – she created a brand.

Peggy and Tom Hubbard

Sandringham Road, Brighton

What a difference! What a difference in Approach, in Energy, in Enthusiasm, in Planning of the Sale, the Marketing of the Home … everything … so refreshing! It Worked! It Worked! It Worked!

Lance and Amanda Taylor

East Main Street, Leroy

1. Buyers’ Book

At Judy’s Broker Network, we’re interested in knowing a property’s history, most loveable aspects, annual maintenance costs and current bill of health. In preparation for answering buyers’ questions, at times, we package that information into our user-friendly booklet along with original blueprints, survey, prior inspections, permits, updates & their costs, and more.

2. “Honey Do List”

Readying your home for opening day.

Our team recommends:

  • Items requiring maintenance and repairs and provides contractors’ contact information.
  • Items to be removed, repositioned and repurposed and provide professionals’ contact information.

3. Effective Staging

Our Artistic Director, Stager, Sales Team, Handyman and Housekeeper work together to:

  • Amplify your current aesthetic to attract today’s buyers.
  • Utilize “Feng Shui” to align Qi/energy flow and radiate a feeling of harmony.
  • Accentuate “Hygge” – coziness and conviviality, promoting feelings of wellness and contentment.
  • Design an enticing environment by providing eclectic furnishings (antique and today), home goods, colorful candies, fresh fruits, plants and flowers to create a winning photographic presentation, and showings which capture buyers’ hearts and imaginations.
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Love Letters – Staging

We were both surprised by the amount of personal attention and manpower you put in to stage our home during this stressful time. As you know I may have had my own thoughts and ideas in how to get things done, but your determination and drive made me a believer. The results speak for themselves.

Howard Merzel & Michele Fiannaca

Trevor Court Road, Brighton

We opted for staging to sell our home and Jamie took care of everything! Our home looked like a magazine and sold quickly for over other existing neighborhood comps. She is very professional and listens to the wants and needs of her clientele, but most importantly she DELIVERS results!

Glynda Dancy Edwards

Ambassador Drive, Brighton

Jamie Columbus is a force of Nature. Tenacious, accessible and dedicated. She prepared and staged (my mother’s estate) seamlessly, including everything from furniture removal to landscaping. Her pricing analysis was one hundred percent accurate. She was lovely to work with and I am incredibly thankful for her work.

Peter Morris

Old Landmark Circle, Pittsford

photo of homeowner with Sold sign and Judy's Broker Network sign in front of home

4. Authentic Marketing

Our multi-platform strategic marketing campaign all begins with capturing compelling photographic vignettes which illustrate your home’s story – images that are then splashed across popular channels and social media. These pictures are also collected into savvy digital and print designs and distributed to clients, brokers, target markets and world-wide websites.

5. Sensational Showings

Our Realtors showcase the lively heart and soul of your home by appealing to prospective buyers’ senses. During each showing, when possible, our agents love to:

  • Turn on music, play visuals on TV, switch on fountains, light candles, and more.
  • Pair scents with the seasons, light the fireplace in winter, offer prospects warm cider in the fall, arrange aromatic lilacs in spring, and serve fresh fruit kebabs in the summer.

6. We Bring it
on Opening Day

The work of our homeowners and agency culminate in a grand opening day which excites with a flurry of energy, often resulting in heightened interest and a same-weekend sale. When the strategy and occasion calls for it, we have brought in an en plein air artist, the “Eat Me” ice-cream vendor serving from her tricycle, classical guitarists, concert pianists, bartenders, bakers, chef, and fortune teller. We look forward to dreaming up an extravaganza suiting you and your home’s aesthetics. Upon arrival at our open houses, a licensed agent warmly welcomes each prospective buyer and treats your home as she would her own, asking guests to remove their shoes and sign into our guest book. Our on-site hosts impress prospective buyers with their individualized property knowledge, neighborhood know-how, and “je ne sais quoi.”

Love Letters – Open Houses

The open houses Jamie Columbus conducted were planned in exquisite detail, staging our home in a manner that would allow prospective buyers to best imagine themselves residing in the home. … The best decision that Kath and I made last year was to list with Jamie.

Michael Diprima

Ambassador Drive, Brighton

Jamie Columbus as the Broker, at every step of the way is completely on your side. From the initial interview, to the open house, to the negotiating, she is 100% articulate, knowledgeable and tenacious in every logistical detail to sell your house!!

Michael and Claire Stoner

Highland Avenue, Brighton

The home I purchased was held open featuring classical guitarists, a repast of foods chosen to reflect the Spanish heritage of the house, and the fun of a “period party” which was thrilling for those who came and lingered. Jamie had a vision for this house which her multitude of expressions made theatre.

Dawn Good Elk

Ambassador Drive, Brighton

Supportive Services

Often adult children, especially those living out of town, want to do all possible for a parent or family member moving from their home of many years to a residence or facility more appropriate to their needs and health.
Enter: JBN! We are your extra set of hands and help to make recommendations and a plan of action including distributing possessions, completing home repairs with reliable contractors, providing pricing data, marketing, staging and more.

Meet Carl and Virginia Caballada

Love Letters – Supportive Services

We had our home listed with three other agents in the past with no satisfaction. Jamie does a beautiful booklet on all your home’s selling points. She has a good eye on what a buyer is looking for and brings that out in your home. A thoughtful and talented person who is very easy to work with.

Virginia & Carl Caballada

Elmwood Hill Lane, Brighton

On only a smattering of occasions did we have to leave the house with “lights on, lids down.” And then it was done. It will be impossible to thank you adequately, Jamie but let me just tell you that two elderly people are immensely relieved to know the great task is now done. Without your invaluable assistance, none of this could have been accomplished.

Katherine Alling

Ambassador Drive, Brighton

You were upbeat and extremely organized while showing respect and consideration for my wishes. As an out-of-state seller, (selling my mother’s estate), you put me at ease and took charge. You clearly have an in-depth knowledge and affection for the Houston Barnard neighborhood and demonstrated your efficiency and professionalism in the quick sale (3 days on the market!) of my property. Your team is first rate. I recommend you wholeheartedly.

Michael Hudson

Georgian Court Road, Brighton


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